These are the days… (Envisage 365 Day 41)

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These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it
You’ll know it’s true…

There’s a kiddo in there somewhere…

I swear he was there a minute ago.

Bingo… There’s my boy!!!

The little princess…  She “sampled” at least five apples, one bite a piece.

They really were happy to pose for fifteen shots as they clung precariously to a ladder… I promise.

Feeding the goats…

She needed a little help from Papa.

Waiting patiently to climb through the crazy caterpillar thing…

And waiting….

All to climb out of a caterpillar butt.

It really was kinda disturbing.  I mean… It’s a caterpillar butt.

More waiting.  For a three year old, it’s torture.

“Mooooom, stop…”

Ooooh, the candy necklace… That’ll keep me occupied while I wait twenty minutes in line to get trampled in the inflatable pumpkin…Mmm Sugar.

Clearly she needed the sugar.

And clearly she didn’t get trampled.  The smile was on her face for the entire six minutes she bounced around.  Her brother spent six minutes making sure she didn’t get trampled.

Despite his worrying, he managed to have some fun.  He’s my kid after all.

We even managed to hit the gift shop without anyone having a meltdown.  I call this one the “Mother In Law Gourd”

Awwww.  Seriously.

Apples, for those who didn’t have it in them to pick their own.  The concept is foreign to me… Who goes to the orchard and doesn’t pick their own apples?

Yeah, I wanted it. :)

We had a fantastic time, the weather was gorgeous at about 75 degrees with whispy clouds in the sky.  Just warm enough.  The kids had a great time.  Later on I would ask FC if he liked the moonwalk/inflateable pumpkin and he said he’d be fine if he never went in another one again.  The little princess LOVED it.

It’s okay baby… You and me can stick to picking the good apples :)

(And no comments about the crazy ass hair or the Michigan shirt please.)

Wise beyond my years… Who knew?

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You’ve Experienced 68% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you’re already in your 40s, you’re probably wise beyond your years.
You’ve put yourself out there, you’ve done a lot, and you’ve learned a lot.
You may not have experienced all life has to offer, but you’ve experienced enough!


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Tomorrow I will go to an apple orchard and purchase the most impressive pumpkin ever purchased.

And I will drive home with two children.

And then I will carve the most grotesque jack-o-lantern you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Hand to God.  There will be proof of it tomorrow.

Eight and Three-Year-Old’s the world over will be impressed.  Mark my words. Even if I have to enlist some help.  Which I won’t.  I won’t need any help.  I promise you that much.  So for that one person who is sitting waiting for me to beg him to let him help carve a pumpkin I say…

Buy your own f’n pumpkin.

Love ya anyway :))

I really don’t know what to say…

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Stratford woman sues over the wrong haircolor

I’m speechless.

Charlotte Feeney filed suit against the cosmetics firm L’Oreal Inc. after apparently grabbing the wrong tube of hair color and dyeing her “naturally blond” hair a dark brown.

First of all, I love the fact that the author chose to put naturally blond in quotes.

“I was mentally and physically in shock,” Feeney states in court documents. “I was sick to my stomach, I had headaches, I don’t like myself, I stay home more than ever in my life, I wear hats most of the time,” she states.

If this is true I would dare say that she probably has issues that stem deeper than dark brown hair.

“I can never go back to my natural blonde hair,” she complains. “I feel fake about that. Also blondes do get more attention than brunettes, of course emotionally I miss that.”

Not that I’ve ever dyed my hair, but I’m guessing she should have done a strand test.  Just sayin.

One more, just to prove that I’m girly…

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My favorite Grey’s Anatomy quote from tonight…

Cancer Girl:  (Talking about McDreamy, who I happen to adore just in case I forgot to mention it)  “Dude, you failed to mention the hair.”

Meredith:  “Yeah, it’s one of the many things that makes me happy.”

*Swoon*  Me too, Mere.  Me too.

On learning.

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I have a trait that I can’t directly trace to either parent.

I have a sick need to constantly learn.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily…

Take my chosen career in EMS.   I knew before I was done with Basic school that I’d never be happy remaining a Basic when the possibility to advance was there.  For the record, I truly believe that the position of a Basic EMT, a GOOD Basic, is vital in the EMS system.  I could have remained an Basic and studied from those who know more than me and worked my ass off to become the best Basic I could be.  But would that satisfy me?  I didn’t think it would.  There was more to do, more ways that I could help.  More to learn.  I went against what everyone said (everyone except my Basic Instructor, oddly enough) and enrolled in Medic school.  I rocked at it.  I busted my butt every night… EVERY NIGHT.  I read and I read and I read.  I did extra research on topics that I didn’t feel were covered adequately in class or in the book or in the countless powerpoints provided by the instructor.  I was at the top of my class.  Literally.  Well, I was in the top two.  We kind of went back and forth.

And then there’s photography.  I will NEVER be a good enough photographer.  There’s too much to learn.  There’s too many ways to explore what I know already and improve on it.  I carry my camera around constantly taking pictures of everything from the precious (my children and family), to the completely inane.

It has earned me some strange looks from my neighbors.

“Fred?  Why in the hell is that girl across the street taking pictures of her boots on the front porch?”

“Hell, Ethel, I don’t know.”


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Plain and simple.   It doesn’t matter how many times it turns around to bite me in the ass.  I want to believe that people are inherently good.  That they’re kind.  That they’re honest.   When they’re telling me how they feel about me that they’re talking from their heart.

I’m 32-years-old.  When will I learn?